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Pure Awareness as Prayer


     The sun is shining brightly here in Northeastern Pennsylvania & the air, although still cool, carries the faint scent of spring.  I just took Stella on a long walk through the streets of this old town I live in and I shall count that walk as today’s meditation–perhaps a better way to describe it is to say that the walk was today’s “prayer.”

      This morning, I came across a quote that read: “Pure attention is prayer.”  It’s beautiful in its simplicity and profound in its meaning.  When we can do anything–anything–with the totality of pure attention–whatever we are doing becomes our meditation or our prayer.  This means that if I empty the dishwasher in a state of pure attention–the emptying becomes my meditation.  Taking the trash out–each step to the curb–can be my meditation.  Today, with Stella–each step along our journey taken with all of my attention was a beautiful meditation.  I was aware of everything around me–the color of the sky, the chill of the gentle wind, the way Stella kept looking to me as if to say: “Is it true that spring might really be here?”  (She’s missed so many walks due to our harsh, relentless winter).   Although it is preferable to “sit” daily, we can begin making so much of what we do, daily, a form of meditation.  Brush your teeth with pure awareness.  Talk to your child from a place of pure awareness.   Lift the fork to your lips with pure awareness.  Make love with pure awareness.  Make your life a living meditation.



Winter Light…


Musings from the Mat…

January 16th, 2014

Today, I did not get to the mat.  Instead, my yoga was spent during the time I took Stella, my beautiful, great gentle giant Great Pyrenees on her late afternoon walk…Here is today’s musing…

My walks at dusk with Stella are becoming sacred time. The sky at dusk today looked the sky in this photo. Along our route is a large bank parking lot with a bit of green area. She loves to stop there & sniff around. I indulge her because this lot was once my elementary school & the school of so many who grew up in this small town. Today, because of nature of the late day, winter sky light, I had a memory of building an igloo in the snow covered school yard. I vividly recalled how magical it felt to be inside of a space built with snow & the way that the late day winter sunlight made the snow look like it was flickering with diamonds. I remember wanting to freeze that moment in time and I held onto it tightly. I savored that moment at an age where “savoring moments” doesn’t typically occur to a child. Regardless, this all came back to me during our walk this evening. It came to me like a gift.winter_sunset_sky_snow_tree_color_nature_hd-wallpaper-1310863